SeuCarreto understands perfectly how complicated and tiring it can be to make changes. Thinking about this is the reason why SeuCarreto offers the service of the delivery of a document to moving house. We guarantee the best option in this sector of the market today.


Our Pillars


We are a business that worries about the importance of the service we provide. This happens to be the first step we have taken to remain in this contested and competitive market.


We know exactly how to identify the type of transport and service that will best serve the needs of each client, personalizing each contact while taking into consideration the information which has been made available.


The value will be passed on to the driver only after the confirmation of the clients’ authorization, thereby having an assurance of an excellent service to be rendered. And thus this adds value to the service we offer.


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We offer our clients the best


Easy and real-time communication

Fast and efficient communication.

We work with clarity when passing on information, simple yet necessary for the excellent perception of our clients, paying attention and giving them confidence in the service we provide.

Well-made communication generates benefits for the business by further enhancing good results.

Schedule your move

We offer the service of scheduling of your service, requested.

Our contact is made by an intelligent system with which we automatically identify the best option of transport for goods and services within a 10km radius, indicating drivers (with their profile and photo) vehicle (both the make and license plate number), times of availability and even giving the client the option of arranging the time and day of the delivery with the driver.

All calls are registered,recorded and stored in a safe location. The information supplied to us by our clients is confidential and only used for the exclusive purpose of registration.


Real-time monitoring

Know when the driver is going to arrive at your address.

Facilitating the service and reliability of our business, technology enables us a greater control and monitoring can be done by the client, mapping and tracking the entire transportation process.

Security of transport

Payments are only made with your authorization.

Once the arrangement has been made, our system offers the client total security. The value is only passed on to the motorist after the client has confirmed his or her authorization. With SeuCarreto, the client can enjoy total confidentiality with the data they have provided. We strive to prevent all types of fraud.

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